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The Countrymen

The Countrymen were formed in late 2015 of musicians from the Open Mic Night at the Countryman Inn at Langdon Cross near Launceston.

Band members: 

o   Steve Cooksey - Vocals / Guitar / Musical director – Steve is a seasoned musician and a professional sound engineer and brings a wealth of knowledge to the band in relation to delivering a professional sound and performance.


o   Steve Gilbert – Vocals –  Steve, our token Cornishman and the other sound engineer in the band, is passionate about Cornishness and helps us to deliver a performance that highlights the history of, and our passion for, the county.


o   Paul Callow – Vocals  / Guitar (Landlord at the Countryman Inn) – Although Paul is naturally a baritone he provides the rich bass harmonies in our arrangements. He is a great guitarist steeped in the folk and blues tradition.


o   Ijaz (pronounced “Ejaz”) Bhatti – Vocals / Guitar – Ijaz takes the high vocal harmony lines and has recently returned to live performance after a long break. He is dedicated to “getting things right” when it comes to a performance.


o   Alan Brinicombe (Brin) - Lead Guitar – Brin has been around the block several times. A talented guitarist, he plays many varied styles to a high standard and beautifully enhances the band’s sound.


o   Simon Wrench - Bass Guitar – Simon is a very experienced bassist and working musician and has played in many bands in and around the South West for many years. We currently share him with a popular local rock-covers band.


Although only one member of the band is Cornish, we all believe in promoting our love for the county, and celebrating the history of Cornwall in our performance. Why else would we all have made Cornwall our home and spend the time doing what we love.

We play a new breed of what can best be described as Cornish folk rock and a’capella pieces. As well as performing contemporary Cornish songs with a twist, and selected popular songs suited to our format, we are writing our own new material to add to the genre.

Our current ambitions are –

o   To be known and respected for the music we believe in.

o   To play at the Falmouth Sea shanty festival this year,

o   A spot at the Royal Cornwall Show (hint - BBC Radio Cornwall)

o   To play Glastonbury (because Ijaz is a hippy!)

So far as the immediate future is concerned

o   We will be supporting Josh Curnow (from Britain’s Got Talent) in Launceston Town Hall on the 24th March

o   We will continue to deliver our performance at The Countryman Inn every Wednesday night when we are all available.

o   We’re appearing at the Kindred Spirits Festival in North Petherwin in May.

We continue to support the local Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund Charity

We all believe in delivering a well rehearsed and professional performance and sound, and we hope that our music will soon become recognised by a wider audience.

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Group Sponsors & Supporters