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The Lemonaires are a small group of singers who belong to Treverva Male Choir, who are also patrons of The Lemon Arms in Mylor. They would meet on Monday evenings, after practice, in the Lemon Arms to soothe their vocal chords, as you would.

One evening in the spring of 2006 the then Landlord, one Alan Rose, remarked casually that Roger Graffy, the owner of Mylor Yacht Harbour Ltd. had been in and announced it was the 200th anniversery of Mylor Dockyard, which at the time was the smallest dockyard in the Navy. Not only that he felt that the village should celebrate the fact and he was hoping that everyone would join in, and could Alan contribute in some way. For his part Roger said he would put on a grand Firework display at the end of the day to wrap up the Festivities.

'What on earth can I do?' wailed Alan' I'm stuck up here miles away from the dockyard' to which one of the choir members said' Send us down there and we'll sing them a few old pub songs or appropriate sea shanties and we'll call ourselves "The Lemonaders".' You can't call yourselves that, I'll get done under the Trades Description Act.' To which everyone agreed and had another pint, which inspired one them to say 'I know instead of "Lemonaders" how about "Lemonades"'(obviously an Elvis fan) and it was agreed.

That " Tribute" is inspirational stuff. The rest is history the event was a huge success, and the Lemonaires have raised a lot of money for charity and Treverva Choir as well as performing at Weddings, Funerals, Churches, Chapels and Festivals, including the very first Shanty Festival and every one since.

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