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Yma Lies Tavas Dhe’n Atlantek
The Atlantic has many Tongues


Kanow an Mor yn Seyth Tavas
Songs of the Sea in Seven Languages

The Cornish, Basque, Welsh, Frisian, Scots and Irish Gaelic languages will all feature at the TOSTA Pop-up Festival-within-a-Festival on the Prince of Wales Pier.

The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival is built upon our maritime links with other sea-faring communities. This year we are delighted to welcome the  ‘TOSTA; Cultural Cargo’ project and their celebration of minority languages along the Atlantic seaboard. 

Join us at the Tosta Pop-Up Village, Prince of Wales Pier to

·      learn a few words of Cornish,

·      enjoy the multi-lingual 'diversity orchestra', made up from musicians of all 7 nations

·      sing songs of the sea in Kernewek (and other minority languages)

·      take part in building an enormous paper boat

·      see the artwork that travelled from 7 different nations by shipping container

·      and more…


Adro dhe TOSTA:


TOSTA yw kesoberans artek yntra seyth kenedhel yeth-vyghan, oll war an arvor Atlantek hag oll gans hengovyow morek krev (Alban, Iwerdhon, Kembra, Kernow, Frisdir, Pow Bask ha Galisi).

TOSTA is an artistic collaboration between seven of Europe’s small-language nations, all situated on the Atlantic coastline and all with strong maritime traditions (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Fryslan, Basque Country and Galicia).

‘Tosta’ is a name for the thwart of a traditional vessel, a word shared - with minor variations - across many of the small sea-faring communities of the European coastline.  In all these cultures, often marginalised within the larger nation-states they find themselves drawn into, the sea has traditionally been a pathway to opportunities and collaborations, economic and social as well as cultural.  The building and manning of small boats has been integral to our way of life, and the boat is a powerful metaphor of our languages, which encapsulate and protect the cultures we love.   The sea has always been a thoroughfare for us rather than a barrier. The project celebrates these linguistic and maritime connections, as part of the Donostia/ San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016.

Here in Cornwall, cultural production company Golden Tree has been working with schools, community organisations and the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival:

Trigans Artydh/Artist Residency

One artist from each territory was hosted in residency by another region and integrated into the local community there. Cornish artist Zenna Tagney has been living and working for five weeks on the Isle of Skye hosted by Sabhal Mor Ostaig (the Gaelic-language college of the University of the Highlands and Islands). Over the same period Golden Tree has hosted a Frysk-speaking artist (from the North of the Netherlands). The visiting artist has engaged with Cornish speakers, schools, artists and communities around Falmouth.

‘Treveglos Trommsav Gool’/’Pop-Up Festival Village’

Artwork from all seven international residencies is curated into the ‘Pop-Up Festival Village’ constructed from shipping containers. This will ‘Pop-Up’ on the Prince of Wales pier over the three days of the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival.

‘Orkestra Dyffranster’/’Diversity Orchestra’

Cornish musician and singer, Bec Applebee, has been selected to represent Kernow as part of a travelling ‘diversity orchestra’ made up of musicians from each of these cultures. The orchestra will travel to 7 different festivals in each of the small-language nations, between May and September 2016.

Gannas Wonisogethek Yowynk/Young Cultural Ambassadors

Two young Cornish Cultural Ambassadors, Taran Spalding-Jenkin and Ash Taylor, visited the Basque Country for four days' training, with counterparts from six other cultures. They will be the cultural hosts at the Pop-up village.

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Group Sponsors & Supporters