Festival Comfort, Safety & Parking Information

First Aid Provision

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled paramedics and first aiders on hand to deal with all medical situations both on shore and out on the water. There are also two satellite first aid stations designated for the festival. All our security personnel and Falmouth Town Council employees are also trained in first aid.

Safety and Security

Falmouth Town benefits from a CCTV system which has cameras located in all key areas of the town so the event is covered. The CCTV will be closely monitored throughout the festival in our dedicated Events Control Office. This enables us to react quickly to any incidents which may arise during the festival.

We have a team of highly trained security staff who will on the ground throughout the festival so there’s always someone close by to assist with queries.

There’ll also be a team of event staff who have access to radios and can quickly get in touch with the Event Control Team to report any incidents.

If you see anything which you think may be of concern, please don’t hesitate to let our security team know.


There are public toilets located in the following areas of the town:

Grove Place – 9am – Midnight

Prince of Wales Pier – 9am – Midnight

In addition to the town’s public toilets, we have also brought in a number of portaloos in the following locations:

North Quay *

The Prince of Wales Pier *

The Moor *

Events Square

Church Street Car Park

(*There is an accessible portaloos at these locations)

Accessibility at the main venues

The main venues at the sea shanty are all accessible and have some seating available. We recommend arriving early at these locations in order to secure a seat, if required.

We will place signage on the front row of seats, where possible, asking people to give up these seats for those less able to stand. If you arrive at the venue and find it busy, please make your way to the front row where the accessible seating is located.

For accessibility at all other venues, please refer directly to the individual business websites Sea Shanty Venues

Festival Parking

The Sea Shanty Festival will see a huge influx of traffic into Falmouth over the weekend. Where possible, please consider using public transport or car sharing with friends and family. For more information on public transport, please visit – Falmouth Public Transport

There are a number of Cornwall Council car parks in Falmouth, they are located here:

Short Stay

Grove Place

The Moor

Well Lane (New Street)

Long Stay

Town Quarry

For more detailed information, please visit – Cornwall Council Car Parks

In addition to this, we have managed to open the parking space at the Park and Ride (this is a car park only, there is no shuttle service), just off Falmouth Road. It will be open at the following times:

Friday 17th June – 8.30am – Midnight

Saturday 18th June – 8.30am – Midnight

Sunday 19th June – 8.30am – Midnight

Please note, this is for parking only, there will be no shuttle service from this location. The walking distance into Falmouth is approximately 20 minutes which does include a gentle slope.

Here’s a map to assist you: