Festival Groups

Take a sneak peak at who will be performing at this years Sea Shanty Festival!

With performances from over 70 groups across various venues, Falmouth will be filled with songs of the sea for our three-day festival. Take a look at who will be performing, from UK groups as well as groups travelling overseas to be part of the festival.

Stay tuned for additions to the line-up as we get nearer to the event!

  • 5 Men Not Called Matt

    Five Men Not Called Matt were formed before time began to introduce the therapeutic effects of singing good chorus songs.

  • ACapella Moonshine

    ACAPELLA MOONSHINE  – We are a group of ladies based in Falmouth, who love singing together and often enjoy a tipple or two!

    Back in 2014 we were the first Ladies’ Shanty Group to appear at the Falmouth International Shanty Festival and since then, have been encouraged to see other female groups following in our footsteps – telling tales of the sea and its sailors from a woman’s perspective.

    We like to “Moonshine” traditional shanties and songs, sometimes changing the locations in which they are set by bringing them home to Falmouth  and  sometimes changing the gender. It’s not always the men who are naughty in our versions!

    Singing a mix of rollicking shanties, songs of Cornwall and the sea and of the brave men and women who have shaped our history, we use haunting harmonies to tell the stories of our beautiful land and its sea-faring heritage

    From our early days singing in and around Falmouth, we are now proud to be a part of the Shanty Festival Circuit, appearing at venues in Cornwall and beyond, helping to entertain both locals and visitors. Fundraising for local and national (and now International) Charities, we encourage audience participation , enjoying all the fun and camaraderie which Shanty singing embodies

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  • Aggie Boys Choir

    The aggie boys choir – are your go to metamodern shanty ensemble, mixing traditional nautical folk with poetry, instrumentals and a benign attempt at comedy, the group are like none you shall see in Falmouth this year. The band has had many incarnations and were once described as a ‘Swiss army choir’. They have performed at Celtic festivals in Ireland and Brittany, turned their hand to a bit of theatre, managed a Ted Talk and more recently featured on Channel 5’s Cornwall: A Year By The Sea which aired earlier this year.

    Formed ‘neath the low beams of a Goonbell cottage, St Agnes’ unique architecture was key in shaping the resonating tones of the choir. Originally meeting with no intention on public performance a bagus* was bonded, with none bothering to enquire whether ‘twas a sensible act or no. Sam Stephens, who writes the majority of the songs, was inspired to tread this new path after one too many pints at Perranporth shout over a decade ago. Within 12 months the Aggie Boys Choir were thrust into the limelight with their debut cover, Row Row Your Boat.

    Sam’s lyrics pay witty homage to the working class legacy of the region, whilst gently mocking outsiders interpretation of what is perhaps perceived as twee Celtic culture. Indeed pasties and jam, mine-stack and harbour, and of course the order of the cream, well it may well seem a postcard provincial novelty reduced to call and response to you and me, but for the choir, the line between humour and heritage is as clear as mizzle on the moor. If you asked them to explain their songs you may well hobble away, brain frazzled, wishing you hadn’t tread that particular cobbled path in the first instance. Forgive them for they know not what they shanty.

    *Kernewic for group of friends


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  • Anchors Aweigh

    Anchors Aweigh’ is a loose formation of old friends and acquaintances from the Mortehoe and Woolacombe area of North Devon. We drifted together on a tide of expectation in the hope of finding enjoyment with our love of singing shanties, songs of the sea and traditional folk songs. We embarked on this journey in 2010 as a way of escaping our domestic duties and to find solace in singing, usually helped along by a pint or two at a local hostelry!

    We regularly raise funds for ‘local’ charities, which have included, Devon Air Ambulance, R.N.L.I., North Devon Hospital Chemotherapy Unit and many smaller charities

    in our area. Up to the end of October 2021 we have contributed over £20,000 to worthy causes, helped, in no small way, from sales of our second CD ‘All at Sea’.  After a ‘relatively’ quiet period, during the pandemic, our return to Falmouth will be the highlight of a busy year to come.

    Anchors Aweigh Facebook Page

    Anchors Aweigh Website


  • Back Beach Boyz

    Teignmouth’s Back Beach Boyz shanty crew were formed early in 2013 and are named after Teignmouth’s famous “Back Beach” where everyone meets to watch the sunsets and socialise. The Hawaiian shirts we wear are inspired by the 60’s group the Beach Boys.  Lockdown has seen three of the crew move on to follow their dreams in other ways, so fare thee well Pete (The Silent), Julian (The Strings) and George (The Sparra). Welcome aboard instead to Julian (Doc), Nigel (Gusto) and Dave (Ahab the Longhaul ). We rehearse most Thursdays at our spiritual home, The Red Rock Brewery and Humber Farm wedding venue.

    Facebook: Back Beach Boyz Facebook

    Twitter: @backbeachboyz



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  • Barnacle Buoys

    We simply can’t wait for it to get started. Everyone is excited about Falmouth Festival this year.

    But it has been a difficult time for many since we last gathered in Falmouth.  The Buoys have lost two of our founder members since the last festival, Richard who retired and Will who passed away after a short battle with cancer.  There will be a very different feel for us this year without them.

    The very good news is that Kevin McGarry has joined us adding youth (!!!?), hair, stage presence, a great sense of humour and of course another shanty voice.   The Barnies trusted sound therefore remains and perhaps is now stronger than before.

    So, plenty of singing, seaside, sunshine and Stoggs to look froward to in June.  We simply can’t wait for it to get started – but I guess we will just have to.

    Facebook-  Barnacle Buoys

    Barnacle Buoys Website

  • Barrett’s Privateers

    Hailing from the Cornish side of the beautiful Tamar Valley, Barrett’s Privateers are a group of friends who have been drawn together by their love of singing and a desire to maintain the tradition of singing in pubs. As such, members of Barrett’s Privateers have been leading Shouts in pubs in South East Cornwall for several years, but have now come together as a group, performing at events and festivals throughout Cornwall, Devon and beyond. This mixed crew, with ages ranging from mid-20s to 60+, all share a love of sea-faring songs and shanties, traditional folk music and Cornish songs, and produce broad harmonies with a wonderful blend of male and female voices. Helmed by their captain, Gideon Barrett, with his vast knowledge of traditional songs, Barrett’s Privateers bring power and harmony to their lively and hugely entertaining performances
  • Black Deep Shanty Crew

    Hey, isn’t that the Naze Shanty Crew I hear you cry! Well yes it is, but that was B.C. (before Covid). Emerging from a global pandemic, the Naze found themselves reduced in size (well most of us!) and with no discernible ties to their former base of Walton-on-the-Naze.  We decided the time had come for a new look and a new identity. But how to find a new name? With Essex rivalling Cornwall in the two counties claims for possessing the longest coastline in the U.K. and with the popularity of sea shanties soaring, many coastal names were already taken. And so we have gone offshore to one of the few navigable channels just off the North Essex Coast. The Black Deep provides a safe passage through some of the many treacherous sandbanks to be found there and sounds suitably deep and mysterious , in keeping with our new image!! Whether we can live up to that description remains to be seen, but if nothing else we have a smart new uniform and are ready to rise from the ashes of the past two years and look ahead to a TikTok inspired future!

  • Boscastle Buoys

    Based in Boscastle, but taken from the surrounding area, the Buoys are a group of like-minded guys who love to sing with maybe a pint or two to lubricate the vocal chords. You will see them out and about shaking their pink bucket in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care. It is a charity dear to them as it provided compassionate end of life care to two of their own Buoys who both passed away with cancer. To date they have raised over £60,000.

    The Buoys have sung at venues such as Truro Cathedral, Boardmasters and the Royal Cornwall Show to name but a few and are pleased to have been asked back to the Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival and are proud to support them in raising funds for the RNLI.

    Boscastle Buoys Facebook

  • Bow Creek

    Bow Creek band is delighted to perform once again at Falmouth Shanty Festival. This international group hails from Devon, Lancashire, Ireland & Holland. They accompany their rousing folk, shanty, Irish and Americana repertoire with guitar, violin, melodeon, mandolin and bass (not all at once!).

    The band members have performed at pubs, clubs, festivals and on T.V. and radio, from Ireland and the U.K. to countries across Europe.  While they haven’t yet made it to the Caribbean – they once made the rafters roar with a gig on the famous pirate ship ‘The Black Pearl’ ah-harr… and it’s rumoured that one of the band is a seafarer and ex-coastguard who for many years held a commercial skipper’s licence, but which one?  Collectively Bow Creek has accumulated around 150 years of performing music and show no signs of slowing down. In different lives, one of the band plays for a Morris side, one is a classical musician and two are Guinness World Record holders for the world’s longest running gig. Through CD sales, the band has raised money for the RNLI and plans are afoot for a Fisherman’s Mission CD.


  • Bow Movement

    Bow Movement is a relatively new group and was formed in early 2020. They hail from the Kenn Valley in Devon. Initially the Crew came  together for a one off to support a charity in aid of men’s mental health. They enjoyed the crack and singing so much that they decided to continue and have gone on to sing at events and festivals across the South West. Known for their relative youthful looks they combine a mix of shanties, songs of the sea and nonsense banter to match.

    Please join them for a memorable Bow Movement!

  • Bryher’s Boys

    Bryher’s Boys was formed back in 2017 when the Tenor and Bass sections of several West Cornwall choirs were press ganged to form a new crew especially designed to navigate the choppy waters of Sea Shanty singing! Although firmly rooted in the male vocal tradition, their trademark style of free harmony ensures that no two performances sound exactly the same.

    Named after Bandleader Trevor Brookes’s youngest daughter, Bryher, the Boys do not hail from the Scillies themselves, but are based firmly in West Cornwall, spread out from Newlyn to Truro.

    Their collective love of the established folk repertoire, both Nautical and Cornish, proved an immediate hit with local audiences, with over 200 performances clocked up to date in venues as diverse as weddings, private parties, crowded pubs, community fundraisers (particularly for the RNLI), large scale concerts – even afloat aboard the RFA Lyme Bay!

    The group are particularly proud to have been selected to represent Cornwall in the summer of 2019, at Brittany’s Festival Interceltique, taking their unique mix of Traditional Cornish songs, shanties and shaggy dog stories to a new audience of over 800,000 attendees and singing to 9,000 people at a time! It topped a busy year which also saw the release of their 1st CD, The Ballad of the Boy Jacq.

    Lockdown hasn’t stopped the Boys performing virtually via a series of Lockdown Videos which have entertained over tens of thousands of viewers across the World.

    In 2021, Bryher’s Boys’ music reached a national audience of millions, being featured in two episodes of the hit TV series “Rick Stein’s Cornwall” and they were involved in the G7 Summit activity, being asked to compose and perform a “G7 Shanty” for Reuters News Agency, singing it live on the BBC National and Worldwide News Channel, which boasts an audience of over 70 Million!

    Bryher’s Boys Facebook Page

  • C.A.S.K.

    C.A.S.K. (Collings A cappella Shanty Krew) are a Daughter and Father shanty duo from Teignmouth, in Devon.

    They have performed at various Pirate and Shanty Festivals from Falmouth to Gloucester, but since lockdown they have submitted videos and been involved on live feeds for virtual festivals further afield in Oban Scotland and on the east coast of America for “Weathering The Storm” and Canada for “Festival Des Pirates”, as well as recording music tracks being played on SoundCloud “Couleur Bleue Salee”.  Garbed as Mermaid and Pirate, they have a strikingly different look as well as beautifully blended harmonies.  C.A.S.K fundraise for FND Friends, a charity which helps Kathryn to manage her Functional Neurological Disorder. They are delighted to be part of the return of the live Falmouth International Shanty Festival once again, keeping up the camaraderie and keeping everyone connected. You maybe familiar with Kathryn’s renditions of  the “Betty Stogs” shanty (written by “Stamp & Go”) in previous Festival finales.

  • Cadgwith Singers

    The Cadgwith Singers started many years ago in the Pub at Cadgwith with Buller and Hartley. The singing has changed over the years and many of the original singers are now gone, sadly missed, and their voices too. Their parts have been passed on to others who keep the traditional songs going. The songs are also changing a little. What has not changed is the Friday night gathering to sing -well-anything and everything really but always in the same unrehearsed and unique style. Long may this tradition continue.

    These days the Cadgwith Singers are to be found singing in clubs, pubs, theatres and rugby matches all over Cornwall, wherever there is a convivial atmosphere and an audience that enjoys the unique, full blooded style of singing that never fails to please. Further afield there have been tours to various S.W. Counties, London, Ireland, France, and the Czech Republic.

    All this from a group of people who just get together for the pure enjoyment of singing, and as their late great leader David Muirhead once said “You must remember we’re not a choir, we’re just a group of friends who just get together to sing the songs we love to sing”.

  • Cape Cornwall Singers

    The Cape Cornwall Singers were formed early in 1997 in an attempt to resurrect the singing tradition in the local pubs around St Just. A very familiar sound at weekends and especially during St Just Feast, singing in the town had declined in recent years due mainly to the closure of our local tin mines.

    The first of many public appearances came in April 1997, followed by a guest appearance at the Tall Ships concert at Falmouth Castle in July and the Cornish Gorsedd in September of 1998. Brief television appearances, the release of our first CD/cassette tape “Our Beautiful Land” followed by our 2nd CD “Men of Cornwall” in 2000 and the local radio exposure have kept Cape Singers in the public eye. Much of our success is due to the efforts of singer songwriter Harry Glasson who continues to write many of our most popular songs about Cornwall, our People and our traditions.

    The Singers have been on many “tours”, the first being the Isles of Scilly in April 1998. In October 1999, we sailed from Swansea to Cork and on to Listowel for 3 days, then on to Kenmare. On our return to Cornwall we had a request to sing at the Kernewek Lowender (world’s largest Cornish festival in South Australia), so in May 2001 26 singers with their wives and friends set off for Australia.

    Cape Cornwall Singers

  • Captain Cat and the Sailors

    Formed as a one-off for a talent contest in late 2008, Captain Cat and the Sailors are a shanty loving folk band that just keep on going.  Based in South Wales, they draw on a range of musical traditions including shanties, working songs, Welsh, Irish and American music to create immersive and engaging musical experiences with their audiences.  If you like stories, singing along and sinking beers then they are the band for you.

    Twitter: @capcatsailors

    Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/captaincatandthesailors/

    Some of their music is available on iTunes and Spotify.


  • Cobweb Crew

    The Cobweb Crew was formed in April 2021 from a group of friends who were in the habit of striking up a song whilst enjoying a pint or two at the Cobweb Inn in Boscastle, encouraged by the landlord Adrian Bright.  All the members of the Crew now sing with Tintagel Orpheus Male Voice Choir & have benefitted greatly from this by obtaining a greater understanding of harmonies which has helped us greatly in our performances.

    The Crew sing a wide spectrum of songs, shanties & folk & greatly enjoy singing Cornish legend Harry Glasson’s. compositions at every opportunity. We had a busy 2021 singing at 5 shanty festivals throughout the South West & many other social events.

    Our chosen charity is the Fisherman’s Mission & to date we have raised well over £2000 which is distributed in Cornwall & the Cobweb Crew are delighted to have been awarded their Fund-Raising Team award for 2021.

    The Cobweb Crew Facebook Page

  • Dreckly’s

    Fun loving ‘mainly Cornish’ maids from St Austell By, coming together through mutual love of singing Cornish songs, shanties, reviving old folk songs and introducing a bit of ‘Blues and Barbershop’ al in their own unique harmony Acapella style.

    Formed in 2016, since singing in the Tywardreath and Fowey RNLI Festivals plus many charity event.  Proud to be invited to the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival.

  • Du Hag Owr

    DU HAG OWR – The Roseland Shantymen

    What a great feeling to be back again at the International Shanty Festival in Falmouth!

    We’ve had a very busy year since we were invited to perform for the G7 World leaders at their Beach dinner in St Ives last year, and put Shanties on televisions around the world. We were Live Streamed to Canada and Australia, and it all started on a practice night at The Standard in Gerrans on the Roseland near St Mawes..

    We still practice every Wednesday in and around the Roseland so check out the pubs in the area, and we are looking forward to another great year.

    We have a new CD recorded live this year and do what we can to raise funds for Children’s Hospice SW.

    Congratulations to the Falmouth Team for all their hard work to get the Festival back again!

  • Dutch Uncle

    Hans Weehuizen has performed eight times at the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival.

    Twice with his group Dutch Courage and four times as “Dutch Uncle “ones with his group “Enkhuizen 4 “.  Hans has also performed together with Ken Stephens, from Bosun’s Call for the last 4 years. 

    Hans started performing sea songs and shanties 26 years ago in a large shanty choir called

    The Compagnie Zangers, forming Dutch Courage 10 years later, still active with his group Enkhuizen 3The Dutch and English songs Hans performs are varied and accompanied with his one row squeeze box, concertina or with his Bones. The Bones are a traditional percussion instrument found aboard sailing ships, originally made from animal bones, but these days made from wood.

    To find out more about the Bones workshops see:  www.howtoplaythebones.com

    Contact: hweehuizen@freeler.nl


  • Exmouth Shanty Men

    Since last appearing at Falmouth, The Exmouth Shanty Men have developed their stage show “Tall Ships and Tavern Tales – a voyage in song from the high seas to a dockside ale house”. Presented in two halves, a long sea trip to the tune of traditional work shanties is followed by a change of setting and costume to a favourite tavern, to relax with songs that sailors might have enjoyed together ashore. The show has been enthusiastically received at Sidmouth Folk Festival and at Harwich Shanty Festival. It works especially well as two 45 minute sets in a village hall and is now being offered as a profit-sharing fund raiser for local communities. Dressed as merchant sailors, Devon’s favourite buoy band pack tight organic harmonies and simple, strong arrangements into a fun-filled stage act – with the audience “roped in”.

    Earlier this year, Wild Goose Records released a double CD of 33 songs used in the show, though with over a hundred to choose from concerts are always different.  The album “Tall Ships and Tavern Tales” was launched by the band in Krakow, Poland, during Shanties 2022.


  • Femmes de la Mer

    Femmes de la Mer are a group of women hailing from across Cornwall. Each individual member brings a unique sound to the group, yet it’s their blend of a cappella harmonies that has gained them recognition amongst the folk and sea shanty communities.
    Led by musical director, Claire Ingleheart, this women+ group sing traditional shanties alongside original material and some alternative takes on ballads of the sea.  Femmes de la Mer’s narrative encompasses songs of love, loss and the inspiring women of Cornwall. Having just returned from touring with Ben Howard as his support act, Femmes de la Mer are currently working on recording their first album, due to be released in summer 2022.

    Femmes de la Mer Facebook Page

  • Figurehead

    Figurehead are the group of ladies, all living in Cornwall who share a love of all songs with a traditional, nautical or maritime flavour……or as they say: “If it contains a reference, however slight, to water, we consider it fair game.”

    The group originally formed as a bit of fun around a kitchen table for 5 ladies that shared a love of sea songs and harmonies, little did they know how soon that scenario would get left behind! Encouragement from old friends (and new) in the singing world soon ensured them ‘guest spots’ in different venues and they remain humbled by the support that they have received over the last few years. The kitchen table has been replaced with pubs, marquees and stages…even bringing the opportunity to forge into some small-scale acting rolls – whodda thunk it?!!!

    They have weathered the storms of the last couple of years successfully with a cracking crew ready to share song and laughter with you at the strongest they have ever been. They entered this year with new vision and energy whilst retaining their love of beautiful harmonies and foot stompin’ shanties, all delivered with a hint of humour!


    Figurehead Facebook Page

  • Fisherman’s Friends

    Back in the day the Fisherman’s Friends, then unencumbered by fame and fortune, came down from Port Isaac and took part in the joyous very first-ever Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival. Our old mate Trevor was still with us then, and as a fair-sized crowd gathered around us singing on Custom Quay I remember him dryly remarking, ‘Here, I don’t think we’re as bad as we think we are’. I think that apart from the dreadful Covid years, we’ve only missed one festival, and it really is one of the highlights of the year for us.

    We hope you enjoyed the Fisherman’s Friends Musical at the Hall for Cornwall, which in the autumn begins a follow up tour around the country and abroad. We ourselves have completed a thirty date tour over the winter, travelling as far as Antrim, Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as all ports in England and Wales, and even taking in a cracking sell-out night at The London Palladium.

    So, all round, the sea shanty is a bit viral at the moment, which for those of us who’ve loved these old songs for years is just the best news possible. With our group members’ long standing connections with the Port Isaac and Padstow RNLI, we are so looking forward to supporting the Institution and performing at Falmouth again, and maybe even getting a sly kiss on the cheek from Betty Stoggs, a proper maid if there ever was one!

    Facebook Page

    Fisherman’s Friends Website

  • Flash Jack

    We are delighted to be back again for the resurrected festival.

    We are sometimes asked where our name comes from, so here is the short version, ‘Flash’ comes from a Georgian slang term for a person living on the edge of ‘decent’ society but with a swagger and manner which made them endearing, as in the song ‘Flash Company’. ‘Jack’ has always been a term for a sailor. He turns up in countless songs where his roving eye catches that of a pretty maid, but instead of finding his behaviour reprehensible, the public took him to their hearts. We hope that the same can be said of us!

    When the group was formed after the demise of Hanging Johnny, we wanted to perform maritime songs in a way which utilised our musical backgrounds and which encompassed not only ‘straight’ shanties but also included ballads, new songs and tunes, songs showing women’s experience of the sea (and seafarers) and songs and tunes reflecting the influence of coastal life and the back and forth of songs and tunes between land and sea.

    Including the time with Hanging Johnny some of us have been singing together for well over 25 years with few personnel changes, but, sad to say, Gideon Barrett and Pauline Lewis left the group to pursue other interests, so we are now seven members when we are at full strength.

    Traditional song, jazz, classics, theatre and English dance music have all had their influences on us and the members of the group have performed for many years both as solo artists and with a variety of other groups and bands.

    Flash Jack Website

  • Freddie’s Barnet

    We are energetic and amusing folk duet performing old and new songs from traditional sea shanties to sing along classics and occasionally one or two of our own.



  • Hay Shantymen

    Hay Shantymen –  sing rollicking songs of the sea on the East Coast of Wales.  We have sung on the Golden Hinde in London, South Bank Centre (where we got thrown out of the bar!), Ramsay Island, St Justinian’s Lifeboat station and Little Haven as well as various hostelries in and around Hay-on-Wye.  We go to Pembrokeshire once a year singing to raise funds for RNLI.  We rewrite many of the traditional shanties to make them relevant to our location and even include some new songs written by ourselves.  This year we will be performing on the Hay Festival site and have been invited to perform at Latitude Festival.

  • Hit and Miss

    Hit and Miss are a young, vibrant, local singing group who keep Cornwall’s musical heritage alive through song.

    ​“Hit and Miss were formed after 5 school friends were heard singing with the regular singers of the Blue Anchor Inn Helston one Spring evening in 2017. It was pointed out to us that we should form a group to perform for the ‘Helstonbury’ festival in the coming August of that year. This we duly did and after being very well received, we entered in to ‘Helstonbury’ 2018 with a little more rehearsing under our belts. Since then we have gone from strength to strength taking on many other engagements across West Cornwall. We throughly enjoy singing together and are proud of our reputation for rich four-part harmonies.”  Samuel Trounson

    Hit and Miss Website

  • JollyRoger

    Cornish sea-punk folk band JollyRoger fall somewhere between the sound of The Dropkick Murphys and Levellers. Inspired by the sea and growing up in the pirate haven of Penzance, they use nautical metaphors and pirate history to speak out about mental health issues and also the better things in life, like drinking beer. JollyRoger explode with energy on stage and are an eclectic mix of shanty vibes, humour and celtic punk, with a metal head mentality.

    Inspired by bands such as Tenacious D, Royal Republic, The BossHoss and Russkaja; JollyRoger aim to fly the flag of diversity and misfits, that fit on most festival line ups. So far they have played over 300 gigs including storming sets at Boardmasters Festival, Balter Festival, Cornwall Pride, supporting The Rumjacks, Fishermans Friends, Subhumans, Mad Dog Mcrea and selling out shows at grassroot venues.




  • Kanerien Trozoul

    Kanerien Trozoul celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. We have traveled to many festivals and celebrations, in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and all over Brittany. We are very happy to finally be back at the Falmouth Festival, after two years of absence. We particularly appreciate this endearing town, its groups and organizers, its pubs, its stages, its Saturday morning Parade and its streets full of people who enjoy sea shanties.

    Kanerien Trozoul Website

    Le Falmouth International  Sea Shanty Festival a été fondé en 2003 avec pour mission de faire vivre l’ histoire de la mer ; les jours de voile en interprétant des chants de marins , des chants de la  mer et des chants de Cornouailles. Il a lieu du vendredi au dimanche, avec des bars éphémères et des scènes de musique dans toute la ville de Falmouth, réunissant des groupes de chants de marins du Royaume-Uni, de Bretagne, des Pays-Bas, d’Espagne, du Canada et d’Irlande dans une célébration de tout ce qui est nautique.
    Vous trouverez ici toutes les dernières nouvelles sur les chants de marins de Falmouth, ainsi que des articles remontant au début du Festival international des chants de marins de Falmouth…

  • Les Souillés de fond de cale

    Les Souillés de fond de cale 30 years of stopovers and more than 1000 concerts. Since 1991, the band from the Côtes d’Armor (Brittany) has taken its compositions linked to the maritime world, from North to South, from West to East, from Iceland to Italy, from Quebec to Estonia, passing by Poland without forgetting the British Isles, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Les Souillés have scoured the stages of maritime and folk European festivals.

    Coming from various musical backgrounds, the five members of the group have created their own identity, filled with friendships and complicity. Their repertoire mixes tonic songs and ballads, all flavored with emotion and humour.

    Les Souillés offers you a trip to the shon all the seas of the world. A clever mix of traditional songs and compositions marinated in Celtic sauce…


  • Longest Johns

    The Longest Johns are a Bristol based, a capella folk music band, born out of a mutual love of traditional folk songs and shanties. They rock maritime songs alongside the more unusual and less traditional folk tunes.  I doubt any of Bristol’s The Longest Johns ever imagined they would be able to get so far on just four voices.

    In a few short years they have gone from singing sea shanties in a kitchen to International folk festivals, tours, TV appearances and gained a huge online following.

    As the face of the 2021 sea shanty revival with their track Wellerman, the Johns are reaching millions of new fans all across the globe and showing them just how great these songs can be.





  • Mariners Away

    Mariners Away were initially brought together in November 2007 and their first performance was for a Sail Cruising Association meeting at the Kings Arms, Devon the following January. This hostelry is situated at the midpoint of the Mariners Way, a long distance coast to coast path that connected the important ports of Bideford and Dartmouth in the 18th and 19th centuries, and no doubt, the Kings Arms offered hospitality to sailors using the way. It became the home port of Mariners Away.

    The Group sing shanties and songs of the sea derived from most sea going traditions. They meet every Thursday at their home port and sing at ‘away ports’ on some alternate Thursdays and during many weekends through the year. 2022 will be their fourteenth consecutive year singing at Falmouth,including the two virtual Festivals in the last two years. Since the middle of last year we have managed to perform at both the Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week and the later Folk Weekend, Sidmouth FolkFestival, Dartmoor Folk Festival,Teignmouth and Mevagissey Shanty Festivals and St.Ives Shanty Fest. Whilst this year, amongst other gigs, we have performed at the Plymouth Pirate and Shanty Shindig. Plough Arts Centre Torrington and again at Sidmouth Folk Festival in July  .

    The Mariners Away CD is available at performances or via the website.

    Our Facebook page is: Mariners Away Facebook

    Mariners Away Website

  • Mevagissey Quaynotes

    Mevagissey QuayNotes – Tight harmonies and a bright ‘a cappella’ sound from the four men that make up the ‘Mevagissey QuayNotes’. Look out for scurvy serenades, cheeky concertinas, twists on popular shanties, and songs you’ve never heard before….

    Formed in 2018, they have embraced the shanty scene from the scenic fishing harbour of Mevagissey that gives them their name. They perform a wide range of styles, of which shanty is only one, and can be seen at all sorts of events, from pub sings to full festival concerts. One man to each part Pete (Bass), Mike (Baritone), Daz (2nd Tenor) and Dom (Top Tenor), they have recently had storming success performing in Mevagissey and St Ives shanty festivals. Always a striking live performance (and rumours of a new CD release), don’t miss out!

  • Month’s Advance

    “But we answer to the name of Month’s Advance…”
    Emily and Josh met while playing for Rory Mulligan and the Imaginary Band in Brighton. After a
    whirlwind tour of angry jazz and punk folk they moved onto the ocean wave on a WWII Admiralty
    steam launch, leaving land songs behind for shanties and songs of the sea. Their music combines
    original songs infused with history, places and people, and traditional songs from the days of sail,
    peopled with the jolly Jack Tars and unfortunate tailors pressed into service on the briny. As a crew
    of two, Month’s Advance get creative with fiddle, ukulele and double bass supporting Emily’s folk-
    inspired vocal and Josh’s shanty-man tenor, honed with his home shanty side the Wellington
    Catch up with us on Instagram @monthsadvance and Facebook @emilyhallmusic!

  • Nankersey

    Motto :   “To sing for and to give pleasure”

    “NANKERSEY” is the Cornish for the village of Flushing, near Falmouth.

    At present we have around 50 members and enjoy singing mainly around Cornwall often raising money for local charities. We believe that singing is good for you and enjoy the fellowship and friendship amongst our members.

    Practice is on Monday evenings in St Peter’s Church Hall in Flushing and we always welcome new members.  2020 was our 70th Anniversary and we look to the future to continue our traditional programme as well as taking up new opportunities.  This year’s list of concerts is best seen on our website. Our Musical Director, since 1998, is Elaine Tangye.  She also conducts Stithians Ladies Choir and Trelawny Male Choir .Her Cornish Bardic title very aptly is “Ledyores Curyow” (Leader of choirs). Michael Uren is our accompanist.

  • Nordet

    More than 25 years of musical strolling on the seven seas and in the world’s ports, from Lorient (port of registry) to New York, from Paimpol to Liverpool or from Hoorn to Douarnenez and everywhere in between, Nordet have been performing to audiences with their humour, enthusiasm, energy, voices and instruments that attack like a high gale.

    Three crew men who are used to big stages, cabarets, pubs and village parties. Three voices tuned to offer traditional cappella and contemporary sea shanties, in French, English and Breton. Harmonised with the accordion, the banjo and the guitar to make you dance and sing with one song and to move you to tears in the course of a lament.

    See them performing in June at Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival 2019 for the ninth time with many new songs.


  • Odds & Sods

    I think the clue is in the name – we are just a bunch of like-minded pub singers who get great enjoyment from entertaining, raising money for charity and generally having a good time.
    See you in June.

  • Oll An Gwella

    “Oll an Gwella”: A rehearsed, a cappella male chorus with an enviable national & international reputation. Their repertoire includes Shanties, Cornish folk, 1960’s classics, seasonal & sacred music, all performed with a passion for Cornish culture & heritage & smiles.  Entertainment is offered at weddings and other community and charity events at Festivals, nursing homes and school choral workshops, The group have represented Cornwall at the huge and prestigious ‘Lorient Festival Interceltique’ (2016); performed at the Gorsedh Kernow (2018); sung live on the main stage of the Boardmasters Festival (2019); and performed live on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ and ‘Lorraine’ Shows (2021).  They sing annually at the Royal Cornwall Show, Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival and often live on local radio and TV and have enjoyed recording by both French & German prime-time TV documentaries.

    Their 3 charity albums mix good Cornish singing with a little culture & smiles – 3 key elements of an Oll an Gwella performance!

    Entertaining for pleasure, they have raised thousands of pounds for local charities & charity donations 2015-2022 amount to over £31,600 which have been made to ‘The Cove’ Cancer Centre, The RNLI and both their current charities, Cornwall Blood Bikes and Cornwall Hospice Care.  Find out more at www.ollangwella.co.uk

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ollangwella  

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBvXyxQSuVo    


  • Pirates of St Piran

    We are a bunch of rowdy rumbustious pirates, who love to sing rocky sea shanties and our own original songs of the sea. All dressed in full pirate kit and with full pirate attitude.

    This will be our 12th year at the festival and we are really looking forward to meeting old friends after the two years we have been away during the Pandemic.  We are also looking forward to making new friends and sharing a song and a tankard of grog with you all.

    We are a charity fund raising group, based in St. Austell and every penny we earn goes to local charities, including The RNLI. Children’s Hospice Southwest and The Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. In recent years we have raised £80,000 in out charity buckets for good causes and always work especially hard at Falmouth to get a goodly haul of booty for the RNLI. So make sure you have plenty of coin (not to mention notes) in yer pockets as we will be demanding money with menaces. We perform at festivals, pubs and events all over the west country.

    WE have released 7 CDs to date including our latest release “Sailing Home” and all profits from our CD sales and music downloads go to charity.

    We are a constantly changing and evolving crew, numbering about 25 at present so there is always something new every time we come marauding into Falmouth. So if you like yer shanties a bit on the raucous side and bit more salty………. please do come and join us for some piratical fun and carousing………………. an them’s as dies ‘ll be the lucky ones.

    If you want to know more or book us for an event or a gig, please contact us.

    Phone 01726 74650

    Website www.piratesofstpiran.co.uk

    Facebook www.facebook.com/piratesofstpiran

    Instagram www.instagram.com/piratesofstpiran/

  • Portsmouth Shantymen

    The Portsmouth Shantymen have been described as a “power harmony group” who specialize in Sea Songs, but if it’s a good song they’ll give it a go anyway!

    Portsmouth Shantymen have been in existence since 1978 when the Christchurch Festival unexpectedly found itself without a Shanty Crew.  Nobody threw anything and they had a good time, so they have been doing it ever since. They have performed at  Shanty Festivals, Folk festivals, historic sailing ships including HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, clubs, theme events, book launches, schools, charity and promotional events ,  the Speaker’s House in the House of Commons and many others too numerous to mention.

    They have appeared at Festivals all over the UK, plus the near continent and the USA, and over 40 years on they are still going strong

    Portsmouth Shantymen Facebook Page

    Portsmouth Shantymen website

  • Press Gang

    Press Gang have been entertaining audiences and making friends around the county – and beyond – since 2012 and are delighted to celebrate our tenth anniversary at Falmouth! People seem to like our relaxed and distinctive style, as well as the passion and humour in our performances, and the unique harmonies of our songs and shanties. Formed in 2012 by a group of friends from the St Austell Bay area we’ve sung in pubs, clubs and festivals all over Cornwall and at venues that have varied from a Greenpeace ship to Gatwick Airport to Bristol Balloon Fiesta! We have become regular guests at events such as the Falmouth Shanty Festival, Fowey Royal Regatta, Perranporth’s Loudest Shout, Ilfracombe’s Sea Festival and Lostwithiel’s LostFest. And we’ve crossed the Tamar to perform at Shanty Festivals as far afield as Harwich, Gloucester and Teignmouth. Pirate FM’s St Piran’s Day clip of us singing ‘Cornwall my Home’ at Gatwick notched 250,000 hits on ‘YouTube’, and our launch of  Cornwall’s 2016 Poppy Appeal aboard the “Phoenix” in Charlestown was captured by BBC TV’s ‘Spotlight’.

    Our two CDs, ‘First Pressing’ and ‘GangWay’ have been phenomenal successes, raising over £1,800 to date for the RNLI (£1 of the £5 price goes to the charity). Our third CD, “Fiddler’s Green”, is now out and selling well. So come along and be ‘PressGanged’! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

    Press Gang Facebook Page

    Press Gang Website

  • River Notes

    The River Notes have been singing since 2016 and the Falmouth Shanty Festival has

    become one of their favourite annual gigs! They are a mixed choir of 40 members who sing

    for the joy of it and always have fun both rehearsing and performing. They have recently

    started their weekly practise sessions at the Falmouth Cricket club which now gives the

    singers a chance to refresh their vocal chords at the bar!

    As well as Shanty and songs of the sea, we sing pop, well-loved rock oldies, Cornish and

    other folk material and original material by local composers. Essentially anything that is

    cheering, rousing or toe-tapping! Some of the choir members braved Zoom during lockdown

    with hilarious results and it was good to keep the River Notes going during those difficult,

    weird and often upsetting times. We finally started up again last Autumn in a non- virtual

    setting and it was wonderful to see the choir face to face after so long. And also, despite the

    craziness we have seen new singers join up recently which is great!

    The River Notes are conducted by Lucetta Radcliffe and accompanied by Nicki Tumbridge

    and perform in a variety of local settings and events. Please get in touch if you would like us

    to sing for you. We can be contacted through our facebook page, River Notes choir.

    New members are always welcome.

    Facebook Page

  • Rum & Shrub

    We are a group of traditional singers from Cornwall with a worldwide reputation for lively singing of shanties, sea songs and folk songs. Performing together since 1991 from the Eastern seaboard of the USA to many places in Western Europe as well as national TV work and many more local events, we take our name from a well-known local drink reputed to have been enjoyed by smugglers and of course we are always delighted to allow you the opportunity to buy us a sample for you to try!

    We always look forward to the International Sea Shanty Festival, it’s such a wonderful event and having performed at every single one there is always plenty of good singing to listen to with a terrific atmosphere and an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues old and new.   We want you to enjoy our singing so find our venues for the weekend on the programme or festival website and come and watch the show or buy CD’s from the group and from record stores. We’ve even mastered the art of making our music available electronically!

    We look forward to making new friends and hearing new songs wherever we go, and we very much hope that you enjoy our singing as much as we do. Just follow the contact links for enquiries and bookings.


  • Severn Whalers

    The Severn Whalers are very proud and happy to be returning to Falmouth for the 2022 International Shanty Festival.

    In 2017 a retired teacher from a small village overlooking the banks of the river Severn, was challenged by an old friend to form a sea shanty group and sing at the inaugural Tywardreath Sea Shanty Festival – This is how the Severn Whalers came to be.

    Over the few years we have been together the Whalers have evolved as a group of varying numbers, and we have now comfortably settled into a crew of four who somehow find the time to rehearse weekly and perform whenever possible, at our local pub, The Fox in Easter Compton, and also at the many shanty festivals across the Southwest. 2019 saw our first appearance at the Falmouth International Festival in addition to Tywardreath, Teignmouth, Gloucester, Mevagissy, St Ives.

    Known for their close harmonies, great timing and having fun together the Severn Whalers’ shanty style is engaging and approachable, due in no small part to their earlier coaching from Jonathan Darley (“JD”) of foremost shanty group The Longest Johns. With songs ranging from the sublime God Moves to the ridiculous Chicken on a Raft, all are sung with an enthusiasm and energy that keeps these close friends together and has audiences calling for more.

  • Short Drag Roger

    We, like all the other groups, are starting to get back to what we enjoy doing. During lockdown we managed to continue meeting and singing, thanks to Zoom (who would have thought we would be grateful to a computer app?) Then at the end of the first lockdown we were fortunate enough to have the use of the local cricket ground and when we were allowed to resume meeting we rehearsed to the birds and wildlife of Oxfordshire.

    The crew haven’t changed much, but two members of the crew who had moved on to other things have seen the error of their ways and re-joined us and we are delighted to welcome them back. We were delighted to have the opportunity to take part in two festivals in 2021: Weston-Super-Mare and Mevagissey and we are thrilled to be back with you in Falmouth this year, we really have missed being here.

    We have also managed to recommence local gigs and it’s really great to see more people venturing out and joining us at our old haunts around the county. If you’re venturing into Oxfordshire this year why not check out our website, Twitter or Facebook page and see if you can find us somewhere.

    Facebook Page


  • Simon The Shanty Harpist

    Simon The Shanty Harpist brings his own brand of absurdity (and his harp!) to this years festival with such tales as that of a sailor afraid of water, a wife who wants to send her husband to sea, a submarine in Luppitt and a ship that sails through the clouds! Along with some traditional shanties and all accompanied by harp this slightly unusual performance should be fun for anyone and everyone. He may (I’m afraid) mention his book :- ‘The Lea Bridge Road Shanty Men’ available on Amazon. It is, after all, the first thriller ever written about shanty singers!

  • Sloop Groggy Dogs

    The Sloop Groggy Dogs have been singing shanties for over a decade.

    Our mission is simple – make Shanty Singing  FUN !

    We’ve performed at festivals from Falmouth to Harwich supporting the RNLI, Macmillan, Willen Hospice, Prostate Cancer research and other great causes.
    If you are looking for an engaging experience, we’ve got a bell, bouzouki, drum, guitar, ukulele, and even a Mermaid PLUS blokes that sing “in stripes”  with some really interesting moves…

    Singing to live audiences is our passion – come join us !

    Sloop Groggy Dogs Website

  • Stuns’ls Shanty Group

    Stuns’ls formed from Mevagissey, Charlestown and Truro Cornish Pilot Gig rowing clubs and named from one our earliest songs “Old Maui”.  Stuns’ls is sailors slang for the Studding Sail, an extra sail that can be haul out on a square-rigged vessel’s yardarm to run in light winds.  

     We are definitely a light-hearted bunch who don’t take life to seriously and have a lust for harmony’s always seeking out that extra note. Over the last 2 years we have had the honour of singing for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, played a part in Rick Steins Cornwall (2021) and are the voices for Visits Cornwall’s G7 campaign.     

    To us there is nothing better than to share in the enjoyment of Shanty’s and Cornish folk music, each song tells a story that has been handed down over the years and it’s our job to make sure that’s it heard, whilst putting a smile on everyone’s face at the same time.

    Facebook page

  • Suitcase Singers

    The Suitcase Singers – are a 50 strong community choir led by Musical Director, Claire Ingleheart and based in Penryn.   Being by the sea, they have a love for shanties and folk songs, old and new and have a rich repertoire of traditional Cornish songs and contemporary songs that reflect the incredible stories of our Cornish heritage.

    Facebook Page

  • Swinging the Lead

    With some twelve years of singing shanties and songs of the sea behind them, Simon, Joe, Andy, Pete, Colin, Dave and TC join us again this year from the shores of the tidal Thames in North West Kent.

    The boys have released their third album, which has been extremely well received with some wonderful reviews. “We wanted to produced something of real quality we could be proud of ”. Well they have certainly done that and the album entitled ‘Only Here for The Pier’ is a must for all those interested in maritime folk music!

    ‘Swinging the Lead’ are the resident shanty crew on the famous Cutty Sark in Greenwich, keeping alive the music and traditions of the great days of sail.

    All have sailing or sea going experience including in Pete’s case Tall Ships, Colin was the electronics engineer on Radio Caroline and Dave is a regular on the Woolwich Ferry!

    “It is great to be back again in Falmouth to meet up with old and hopefully to meet some new friends”.

    Facebook page

  • Tavy Tars

    Falmouth Shanty festival has been the high spot of our year for more than a decade and we are really looking forward to taking part this year. During the last two years, between Covid restrictions,  we have enjoyed singing outside on our local village quay at Bere Ferrers,  and after an 18 month pause our first outdoor performance was on the banks of the Tamar at Cargreen in Cornwall. Since then we have been singing in local pubs and clubs, and more recently by special request in primary schools to our most enthusiastic young audiences. We particularly enjoyed singing with local folk duo Silvington recently and are looking forward to more shared music now that events are planned again.  Starting the summer at Falmouth Shanty Festival feels like a new beginning.

    Tavy Tars Website

  • The 85ers

    The 85ers are formed from 6 active lifeboat crew from RNLI Portishead. The station is based on the North Somerset coast of the Bristol Channel/Severn Estuary and has an Atlantic 85 Inshore Lifeboat.  The group initially began singing over in the Scillies, whilst out with the local gig club for the World Championships. Some of them were there to row, others to provide support (with cider) and they enjoyed knocking out a few favourites in the pub.  With the Falmouth Gig Regatta handily running on the same weekend as the Sea Shanty Festival back in 2019, after many pints in the Events Square and the Chain Locker, a plan was hatched. We formed during lockdown, singing and recording our parts separately and then merging them together… The resulting sound was surprisingly good! When we finally got together with some cider it was even better!  We are incredibly excited to come and sing for you this year! As crew on an inshore lifeboat, we know first-hand how events such as these keep us safe at sea. Thank you!

    The 85ers Facebook Page

  • The Chantry Buoys

    Another year and The Chantry Buoys are a little more crabby. Some of us are sporting new mullets though. Why not hake your way along to a Chantry Buoys gig. You won’t hear any rock or sole but you will hear us ling some songs in The Quay of Sea. You know it’s going to be brill.

    Never mind the pollacks, it’s The Chantry Buoys!

  • The Countrymen

    Five seasoned musicians with tight four-part harmony vocals and a token Cornishman. With a relaxed and light-hearted presentation style we take the audience on a journey through the history and culture of Cornwall, featuring our own arrangements of traditional and contemporary songs, as well as an increasing amount of our own compositions. Interspersed with the occasional pop cover to lighten the mood when required, there is no mistaking that to a man, we love our county with a passion.

    More information on the band can be found at www.thecountrymen.co.uk where you can also download/stream their music or buy their debut CD, “Trees On The Hill”.


    Facebook Page

  • The Culdrose Military Wives Choir

    Culdrose Military Wives Choir is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It is Cornwall’s only branch in the international network of 72 choirs, comprising almost 2000 members in British military bases across the UK and overseas.

    The Helston-based choir includes wives and partners of serving personnel based at RNAS Culdrose and some that are ship-based out of Plymouth and Portsmouth. Culdrose Military Wives Choir also boasts members that are themselves in service or have previously served, along with veterans’ spouses and civilians working in the military community.

    In addition to offering vital support within the military community, the choir has collaborated on three Military Wives Choirs albums and on the soundtrack of the ‘Military Wives’ film.

    Culdrose Military Wives choir enjoy performing a varied repertoire across the county, venues this year include Falmouth Sea Shanty festival, The Minack theatre and Exeter Cathedral.

    If you are interested in seeing us perform or in booking us for an event, then please get in touch via culdrose@militarywiveschoirs.org or follow us @culdrosemwc on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    Culdrose Military Wives Website

  • The Harry Browns of Bristol

    We are a  fine body of singers, with big hearts and big smiles. We are perhaps the longest serving purveyors of sea  shanties and sea songs in the UK today. We like to sing well and are renown for our harmonies, musical arrangements and for being full of surprises.  Most importantly we want people to enjoy our music, join in and have fun.

    Harry Browns Website


  • The HogEye Men

    The HogEye Men – are one of London’s most respected

    shanty crews, singing shanties and sea songs together in

    various incarnations since 2007.

    Our current line up comes with wide experience in the

    worlds of shanty, folk song and Morris. We’ve blended

    these together into an ‘a capella’ crew that strives to

    deliver traditional shanties in an authentic, unfussy style,

    mixing those salty classics with more recent maritime


    Our bold unaccompanied voices, subtle harmonies and

    wide repertoire of serious and lighter songs have made

    the “Hogs” popular at London venues including The

    Golden Hinde. We’re very proud to appear every month

    as the resident “Ship’s Shanty Crew” aboard the legendary

    Cutty Sark in Greenwich. We are happy to be regulars at

    festivals such as Harwich, Leigh-on-Sea and Rochester.

    We also host a monthly folk song and shanty singaround

    in The Horseshoe Inn, a pub near London Bridge.

    Our name comes from the traditional capstan shanty “The

    Hog Eye Man” which relates to the flat-bottomed barges of

    the southern United States. Being HogEye Men we do our

    best to sing that shanty loud, proud and how it used to be


  • The Jolly Strumpets

    From lands as far as Illogen and Flushing, The Jolly Strumpets have come together to sing songs of women of the sea. Whether they be filling the time whilst the menfolk are off gallivanting on the waves, collecting and packing the haul just brought in or even escaping penal colonies in Australia, The Strumpets take songs new and old and sing them from the view of the women at the heart of these stories – there’s even a mermaid thrown in for good measure! Come and see them for some bawdy ballads and enchanting melodies!

  • The Lemonaires

    Male group singing is a great passion for Cornishmen and The Lemonaires are no exception. They are based in Mylor Bridge near Falmouth.

    They sing traditional Cornish songs of their homeland, fishing, farming and mining with the passion you would expect from proud Celtic men. The Lemonaires have expanded their repertoire singing traditional and new Shanties as the popularity grows.

    The group has enjoyed getting back into Shanty festivals and outdoor events as well as their traditional gigs. “We are on a new page now and after enjoying getting back into shanty festivals last year and we are very excited to make a return to Falmouth with the great crowds that support the festival and do our bit to help raise some money for great charities.

    To book them for your event contact:
    “Baz” Barry Norman,
    Tel. 01326 722661
    Email. normanbaz1@sky.com
  • The Lower Deckers

    The Lower Deckers are a fun, contemporary shanty group who hail from the landlocked

    counties of Herefordshire and Shropshire . Following their tentative first gig fundraising for

    the RNLI, they have gone from strength to strength, performing regularly in pubs and cafes.

    They’ve enjoyed Pirate workshops at primary schools, sung at the Hereford Fishermans

    Friends movie premier, toured Northumberland, and entertained residential homes,

    continuing to fund raise as they go ! Their festival appearances include Mevagissey, Weston

    Super Mare, Teignmouth, and the Falmouth virtual festival . The Lower Deckers repertoire

    embraces traditional Shanties, songs of the sea and sailing, folk songs and more, with a few

    surprises along the way! Their joy lies in them being a group of great friends who love being

    together, laughing together and singing together, and they hope this camaraderie and

    friendship is evident when they perform for you . They are looking forward to making their

    first appearance at the Falmouth Shanty Festival in person in 2022

    The Lower Deckers Facebook Page

  • The Molgoggers

    We are delighted to be back in Falmouth for the fifth time. It has long been the highlight of the year for us and we look forward to meeting up with our friends and the rest of the shanty community.

    Since we were last here, our numbers have been depleted. We lost our beloved captain, Jim Halligan, in 2021 and our elder Molgogger, Paddy, has decided to curtail his International appearances.

    For those seeing us for the first time, The Molgoggers are now a five-strong, a cappella, all-male group from the maritime town of Cobh, on Ireland’s south coast, last port of call for the Titanic.

    We sing a mixture of traditional sea shanties and contemporary maritime songs, all given the Molgogger treatment!

    Falmouth will be our first big event since December 2019, and we are busily lubricating our rusty vocal chords with copious amounts of WD40! Other big events later in the year are in Gdansk and at Electric Picnic in September, Ireland’s answer to Glastonbury. All aboard!

    Facebook: Molgoggers Cobh

    Email: themolgoggers@gmail.com

    Website:  Molgoggers Website

    Events organiser: Jerry O’Driscoll  +353 86 8891973

    General enquiries: John Crone +353 86 8329188

  • The Monkeyfists

    We are all about the fun of the foot-stomping, galleon-storming, carousing, roustabout lark of playing live the songs that brought together the crew aboard ship under sail and steam. We seek some of the authenticity of old sea songs, shanties, folk songs and drinking songs.

    Many are up tempo, and filled with profanity, lewdness and the raw and salty language of the old days. Others are contemplative, balladic, but just as rousing. We also throw in a few twentieth century songs now and again!

    We play festivals, tiny pubs, private parties, and anything in between. It started in 2014 when Alex and Jack roped in their Dad, Chris, to play piano accordion. Then others were press-ganged in on a pittance of a wage. We lost a few – the sea is cruel; Chris passed away in 2017. We are now eight: Jack on lead vocals, Alex on guitars and vocals, John on bass ukelele and vocals (as well as studio recording and videography), Stewy on vocals and percussion, Steve on mandolin, Ben on bazouki, Sam on vocals and percussion, and Will on piano accordion and vocals.

    Sound ominously niche? Believe us: you’ll know more than you think. And we’re learning all the time, in fact we pride ourselves on focusing on authenticity, integrity and fun sometimes at the expense of accuracy: “So what”, the audience tell us, “You never said you were anything but the ragged and honest Monkeyfists!” People always dance, sing along, and put in requests.

    So we encourage you to join us on a journey across the seas, through the straits, under tropical skies, into back alleys, round the table, into the cellar, and back out via the cider press. We want you to let your matted hair down, brandish your tattoos, adjust your tricorns and roll out the barrel!

    Facebook Page

    Photo Credit – Mike Berry Photography

  • The Navy Larks

    We are delighted to be back at the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival after the enforced break. While huge praise is due to the organisers of the Virtual Sea Shanty Festivals over the last two years, it has not been quite as much fun as being there in person.

    The Navy Larks are a motley collection of about two dozen stout-hearted (and stout-bellied) men from landlocked Salisbury who like nothing better than to get together and sing Shanties and Songs of the Sea, always provided there is some beer close to hand.

    We sing shanties and forebitters, sea songs both old and new, and a few of our own nautical compositions. Our singing could be described as lively and enthusiastic, and what we may lack in finesse we make up for by sheer force of numbers.

    The Navy Larks perform primarily at fund raising events in and around our home port of Salisbury, helping to raise many thousands of pounds for our favoured charities the Parkinson’s UK and the RNLI.

    On occasion, we have been known to stray as far as Devizes, Bristol or even Weston-Super-Mare, and our European Tour to Saintes in South-West France (Salisbury’s twin city) lives long in the memory.

    We are very much looking forward to returning to Falmouth to meet old friends and to make new ones. We always have a really good time singing for you, and we very much hope you will enjoy listening to us and joining in.

    Facebook Page

  • The Oggymen

    If our history forms the people we are, then it is the places we inhabit that shape the people we become. Our love for the history and the community of our hometown, Falmouth, is intense but unsentimental. As we grew up, it was folk songs that bound us to this special place. Our fathers sung them in male voice choirs, our brothers sung them at Falmouth Working Boat regattas, our sisters sung them at Pilot Gig Races and we all tried to sing them down the pub…

    For over a decade, The Oggymen have championed contemporary Cornish folk music and celebrated those songs that bind Cornish people to their community and to their past. We are known for our tight harmonies and rousing performances that convey the rugged beauty of the Duchy and celebrate her peerless industrial heritage.  The Oggymen’s performances at this year’s Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival will feature new musical arrangements that will captivate the heart of the every Cornishman or Cousin Jack.

    The Oggymen


  • The Old Gaffers

    From South Devon, The Old Gaffers have been rocking assorted boats and all sorts of other stages since 2010. With our own brand of humour, no nonsense, no gimmicks, sea shanties and sea songs we have entertained audiences at festivals and concerts the length and breadth of the country. We’ve been on national and local TV and radio, recorded 4 CDs and featured on a few other people’s CDs

    We have morphed into the present crew of 9 with an average age of 48 (sorry that should be waist size) and a groupie fan base of well over one; we are going from strength to strength! We’re pleased to have raised thousands of pounds for charity including, but not exclusively, the RNLI, Devon Air Ambulance, Prostate Cancer UK, Children’s Hospice SW, Help For Heroes and had a great time doing it. Are you in need of some entertainment? Do you need a bit of a lift? Then put us on your must see list!





  • The Sheringham Shantymen

    The Sheringham Shantymen were launched in 1990 and in 2022 they celebrate their 32nd    Anniversary with a number of special concerts in and around Norfolk.  They continue to support the RNLI in a myriad of ways performing at lifeboat stations around the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Shantymen purchased a ‘D’ Class Lifeboat for the RNLI at Wicklow in 2007 named ‘The Sheringham Shantymen’. They have travelled widely throughout the UK; France, Germany, Virginia USA, Ireland & Holland. They have entertained at Maritime Festivals at Great Yarmouth, Bristol, Lincoln, Ipswich, Southampton, Portsmouth, the International Boat Show at Earl’s Court, ‘The Big Breakfast Show’, Children in Need, & ‘Blue Peter’ for which they have ‘the Badge’. The Shantymen were invited to sing on the BBC’s the ‘One Show’, ‘Ade In Britain’ and the BBC’s ‘Country file’. Since 1990 the group has completed over 1,300 public performances, made three videos and recorded 7 CD’s, and are working on number 8. The Shantymen undertook a charity concert in aid of Ukraine on Sat 26th March 2022 and raised £5,000 for the DEC. They have attended the Falmouth festival since its inception and feel privileged to be invited to perform once again in 2022.

  • The Solent Shanty Buoys

    The Solent Shanty Buoys are a group of friends who enjoy singing shanties but also some lesser known songs of the sea. They are thoroughly enjoying being able to perform again post pandemic and have rekindled all their previous venues as well as adding new ones! They do love performing at beer festivals and micro breweries…..can’t think why!! But they perform to a wide range of audiences, always encouraging audience participation.

    The Solent Shanty Buoys’ chosen charity at home is Wetwheels, a local charity which aims to ensure everyone can access the water with a safe, barrier-free, enriching experience, whatever their situation.

  • Toby Webb

    Toby Webb is a 21 year old singer songwriter from Falmouth, Cornwall. He’s been writing, playing the guitar and singing since he was 12 years old and only recently started gigging.
    For the past 2 years he’s been inspired by Close local Cornish friends, local shanty groups and the singer songwriters Harry Glasson & Will Keating to love where he lives. Toby writes songs about his home and the love he has for a girl who knows all the words to every shanty song in the world.
  • Treizhadenn

    Treizhadenn is a Breton group (Crossing in English) coming from Paris area.

    It is composed of musicians (vocals, chromatic accordion, guitar, flutes, saxophone, Bombardes, bass and percussions). Treizhadenn is 14 years old. We perform throughout France and abroad Wales and Cornwall. Our repertoire is almost exclusively composed of group creations (music and lyrics) it is dedicated to the sea, sailors and Brittany.

    Most of them are dance tunes from different terroirs of Brittany and Celtic countries.

    We have records 3 CD. For more details you can visit our website, you will find videos and CD extracts.

    Our website address is:

    Treizhadenn website

  • Vagrants Crew

    An ever so slightly diminished Crew this year but with assuredly no less enthusiasm !! It is a great privilege to be invited, once again, to this fantastic event and as always we are looking forward to seeing you all again.

    We are busy as always taking part in many events including Falmouth, Fishguard, Cobh & Rosslare in Ireland, Finland, The Netherlands & Harwich. See you in June (slightly battered
    but never broken !!)

    Vagrants Crew Website

  • Vent de Noroise

    Vent de Noroise is a group which livens up many parties, concerts and events based around the theme of the sea.
    Since 2001 this joyful group of musicians has toured concert halls, and festivals in France and abroad, sharing their passion for maritime culture and traditions, and their taste for fun, lively music.
    The group is made up of singers and musicians who come from different regions of France, mostly from Brittany, but also Corsica.
    This cultural diversity allows Vent de Noroise to sing traditional Breton shanties , but also to draw from other cultures. Their program also includes more and more songs they have written themselves, expressing their passion for the sea and the sailors.


  • Wareham Whalers

    Wareham Whalers have been together now for over 17 years. We enjoy

    singing a wide range of shanties, songs of the sea as well as a number of

    songs composed by members of our crew. We adopt the style that sailors

    would have used nearly 200 hundred years ago when working. So we sing

    with no accompaniment and where appropriate put in the stresses that would

    have signalled a pull on the heavy ropes.

    Whilst singing we raise money for local charities including the RNLI, regularly

    singing for their lifeboat naming ceremonies at their headquarters in Poole.

    We enjoy performing our own concerts and singing at festivals both in this

    country and in France.We also enjoy putting on workshops to explain the

    origins and practical uses of shanties and simply getting other people involved

    and interested.

    As the summer approaches, we are very much looking forward once again to

    performing at Falmouth which is always one of the highlights of our year. If

    you are there, come and say hello to us and we might just sing one of your

    favourite shanties.

    Wareham Whalers

  • Wellington Wailers

    Once again, The Wellington Wailers will be returning to Falmouth in Cornwall, from their home port of Shoreham-by-Sea on the West Sussex coast.   This will be our sixth consecutive appearance at the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival and has become the highlight of the ‘Wailers’ year; It’s a great opportunity to meet and sing along with other Shanty crews in the most hospitable setting of Falmouth and of course take advantage of the many and varied hostelry’s (Special thanks to Skinners Brewery).

    We initially formed our crew in 2012, with a small group of likeminded ‘sea dogs’, who were interested in singing traditional sea shanties, which we still do. However, our repertoire has expanded to not only include a number of ‘fore-bitters’ (Songs of the Sea and Life Onshore), but also general entertainment.

    We have a regular monthly booking at our home pub “The Duke of Wellington” on the third Thursday of most months, and also perform at a variety of charity functions, parties and concerts. When fully manned, the Wailers can muster sixteen men, who have developed a natural close harmony. There is nothing serious about the Wailers, the emphasis is on humour, but with a good rousing sound. Audiences are encouraged to join in the choruses and participate in any shenanigans that the Wailer’s flamboyant lead man may devise.



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