Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival. Friday 12th June - Sunday 14th June 2015


2015 GROUPS CONFIRMED. We now have 51 groups confirmed for the 2015 festival and as much as we would love to we cannot accept any more. We have received interest from over 100 groups for 2015 which is unbelievable and shows the success of the event. You can of course still come along and join in the singing with the crowds and support the festival. The confirmed groups for 2015 are:

Alan Whitbread, Aggie Boys, Baldricks Plan, Back Beach Boyz, Barnacle Bouys, Bluebelle Line, Bosuns Call, Cadgwith Singers, Cape Cornwall Singers, Dutch Uncle (NL), Exmouth Shanty Men, Falmouth Fish, Falmouth Shout, Fishermans Friends, Flash Jack, Hooks & Crookes (I), Kanerian Trouzel (F), Kimber’s Men, Les Cap Horniers (F), Les Souilles de fond de cale (F), Longest Johns, Mariners Away, Nauti Buoys, Naze Shanty Crew, Nankersey Male Choir, Nordet (F), Pirates of St Piran, Press Gang, Rum & Shrub, Shake A Leg, Sheringham Shantymen, Short Drag Roger, Stamp & Go, Swinging the Lead, Tavy Tars, The5 Men Not Called Matt, Thraw'd Together, The Navy Larks, Tom Lewis, Treverva Male Voice Choir, Two Anchors, Trim Rig & Doxy, The Oggymen, The Old Gaffers, Vagrants Crew, Vent De Noroise (F), Viv Robertson, Wareham Whalers, Wellington Wailers, QFTRY (POL), Shantykoor De Ijsselzangers (NL)


Welcome to one of the biggest maritime music concerts in Europe! The town will be filled with music, singing and infused with a great community spirit. The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival is held at multiple venues throughout the town with main stages being Seasalt Stage on Custom House Quay, Skinners Stage on Events Square (Discovery Quay) and Seven Stars Stage on The Moor. 2014 was the biggest year yet with 48  Shanty groups, 21 venues and 261 hours of shanty singing (that's 46 more hours than last year!)

2014's Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival saw the biggest crowds yet with over 25,000 visitors throughout the town during the weekend! We had sunny main stages, outdoor shanty stops, traditional venues and the first ever Gala Concert all in aid of the RNLI. It was an enormous success and we want to say a big thank you to Skinners Brewery and Seasalt Clothing for all their support. We'd also like to thank all volunteers and committee members for their efforts and hard work they put in to make the event a great success!

The Beat Betty Challenge continued in 2014 as a fundraising competition between the groups and Betty Stogs to raise money for the RNLI. Pirates of St Piran took the lead and raised £1,194 and Shake a Leg were runners up raising £890 for the RNLI. Betty Stogs from Skinners beat her own record and collected over £2,400! A big thank you to all the groups who put efforts into raising money and awareness for the RNLI. For all the results please click here.

Groups that took part in 2014:

Aggie Boys Choir, Alan Whitbread, Baldricks Plan, Bone Idol, Bosun's Call, Cadgwith Singers, Cape Cornwall Singers, Dutch Uncle, Exmouth Shanty Men, Falmouth Shout, Fishermans Friends, Flash Jack, Hobsons Choice, Kanerien Trozoul, La Bordee, Many a Mickle, Mariners Away, Nankersey Male Voice Choir, Naze Shanty Group, Nordet, Press Gang, Rum & Shrub, Scheepsfolk, Shake A Leg, Sheringham Shantymen, Short Drag Roger, Stamp & Go, Swinging the Lead, Tavy Tars, The 5 Men Not Called Matt, The Back Beach Boyz, The Barnacle Buoys, The Bluebell singers, The Falmouth Fish, The Longest Johns, The Nauti Buoys, The Navy Larks, The Oggymen, The Old Gaffers, The Pirates of St Piran, The Vagrants Crew, Thraw'd Together, Treverva Male Voice Choir, Trim Rig and a Doxy, Two Anchors, Viv Robertson, Wareham Whalers, Wellington Wailers.

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