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We are currently updating our groups and venues for 2017!

The Barnacle Buoys

Two Anchors

Molgoggers Cobh

Culdrose Military Wives Choir

Femmes de la Mer

Fisherman's Friends

Wareham Whalers

Cadgwith Singers

Les Souilles de fond de cale


The Longest Johns

Alan Whitbread


Acapella Moonshine

Back Beach Boyz

Kanerien Trozoul

The Old Gaffers

Baldrick's Plan

Swinging the Lead

Trim Rig & A Doxy

Flash Jack

Vent De Noroise

Toue Sabord

A Pair of Spinners and Bob

The Boscastle buoys


Du Hag Owr

Mariners Away

Nauti Buoys

Bounding Main

The Oggymen

Bosun's Call

Stamp and Go

Dutch Uncle

The Press Gang

Portsmouth Shantymen

The Navy Larks

Exmouth Shanty Men

The 5 Men Not Called Matt

Short Drag Roger


Cape Cornwall Singers

Falmouth Shout

Bamaluz bootleggers

Naze Shanty Crew

Oll An Gwella

The Vagrants Crew

Watchets Pebbles Shanty Crew

The Pirates of St Piran

Nankersey Male Choir

Les Bouilleurs D'ecoutes

The Falmouth Fish

Wellington Wailers


The Last Watch

Tavy Tars

Hobson's Choice

Sheringham Shantymen

Rum & Shrub

Aggie Boys Choir

Group Sponsors & Supporters


Group Sponsors & Supporters