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The 5 Men Not Called Matt

The FMNCM have had an eventful year, lots of singing and drinking . We have written new songs and performed here and there for the RNLI, Harry’s Rainbow and The Society for the Enrichment of Impoverished Shanty Singers. (Us) Things haven’t all been plain sailing, Steve took a tumble and fractured his shoulder in 3 places, we have advised him not to visit those places again. He’s on the mend though. John will not be with us this year as he can’t get concessionary fares on his pension pass, he lives part time in France, so it’s a very long way to come the way the tides are running and his raft isn’t as robust as it was. Dan Hynds won’t be with us either, he’ll be playing with trains in York. But the good news is we will be accompanied again by Michele Wellborn and Roddy Clenaghan. Roddy has promised to sing the ‘ Isle of May’ an evocative song written by the man for whom the band is named. Matthew Armour. We look forward to joining in with that and lots of other songs at the Shout, see you there, as ever mine’s a pint of Skinners.

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