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Exmouth Shanty Men

Devon’s “original buoy band”, The Exmouth Shanty Men, formed in 2007 to breathe new life into the rich maritime heritage of their home port.They have since ventured further afield, bedecked in the garb of early C19th merchantmen to put borrowed songs back on to a tall ship’s deck or a dockside tavern. Their repertoire splices together shanties sung with gusto and forebitters , delivered with pathos.

The Exmouth buoys are increasingly in demand at home and abroad and have played the main stage at such folk music festivals as Sidmouth, Warwick, Banbury and Wadebridge, as well as many a village hall.

The Exmouth Shanty Men played at the 2011 Tall Ships in Ireland and the 2012 Olympics at Weymouth. They have visited France, Belgium, Holland and Poland, where they were recently awarded the Stan Hugill Trophy for the “most authentic shanties”. They have appeared on national television and radio both here and in Europe but can still be found with a song and a pint most Tuesdays in an Exmouth harbourside pub.

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