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Fisherman's Friends

When we got together in John Brown’s front room in Port Isaac back in the late autumn of 1991,the majority of us were in our thirties; little did we envisage what the future might hold.

Back in 2009,we were spotted performing on the Platt in Port Isaac by an independent record producer,who for some reason not readily apparent to us at the time (or indeed now!) thought that he could make a record with us.

And so there we were,no hopers,jokers and rogues propelled quite unprepared into the shallow and superficial world of showbiz. Our first album Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends got high up into the charts and soon after, we were in proud receipt of the special “Best Traditions” award at the BBC Folk Awards.
Excitingly,we’ve performed a number of times at the Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall,it was very special to sing for Her Majesty during her Flotilla down the Thames.

We regularly perform on tour and at all sorts of festivals around the UK,and were very pleased one year to find ourselves on the Pyrimid Stage at Glastonbury.Then,even more scarily,we sang in front of 55,000 at Proms in the Park,where we were supported by Earth,Wind and Fire!!
We’ve made two further CD’s,there’s been a documentary about one year of being discovered,a book telling our story (not exactly kiss and tell,more scratch and sniff!)we’ve done lots of TV and radio and we’ve,ahem,made a fish finger advert…..

In 2017 we hope to bring to our audiences some new songs with a taste of the sea but more importantly the same mixture of music and fun that has always been our trademark.

Having performed at all the previous Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festivals bar one.The Fisherman’s Friends are looking forward to meeting old friends at this year’s event and striking sound with anyone who’ll join in.

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