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The Pirates of St Piran

Arrrrrrrr me hearties, we find ourselves washed up on the shores of good old Falmouth town once again, for another weekend of singin͛ an drinkin͛ an carousin͛ into the early hours of the mornin͛.... And we will hopefully be robbin͛ the general public at gunpoint to collect vast amounts of booty for the RNLI.

We are a non-profit making, charity fund raising group of piratical shanty singers who like to rock and roll and go. We also enjoy a bit of theatricals and lots of audience participation. Wherever we perform there will be fun, flintlocks, cannons and a grand rumbustification if ye gets me drift, so do come and join us.

This will be our 6th visit to the festival and we look forward to meeting old friends for a tankard or two of grog and making the acquaintance of many new ones. An them͛s as dies ͚ll be the lucky ones.

Contact 01726 74650
Email info@piratesofStPiran.co.uk
Website www.piratesofstpiran.co.uk
Facebook www.facebook.com/piratesofstpiran

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Group Sponsors & Supporters