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Shake a Leg – North Devon’s most popular shanty crew!

Shake-a-Leg are five singers from North Devon who perform purely for enjoyment, theirs and the audiences! Hugely entertaining, with a varied mix of traditional and contemporary maritime songs and sea shanties Shake-a-Leg have been delighting people at festivals for seven years. Solo performers in their own right their strong lead voices set against chilling harmonies and unusual arrangements mean you never know what to expect next during their performance; one minute a beautiful a’capella harmony, the next the driving rhythms of hurdy-gurdy, bodhran, guitar and banjo powering along “The Bonny Ship the Diamond”! At last count there were 10 different instruments on stage, and we are still working on the harp/banjo duet!

So if you want some fun, with some great music and superb songs alongside fresh arrangements to old favourites then come and join Shake-a-Leg, purely for enjoyment, of course!

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Group Sponsors & Supporters