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Short Drag Roger

Seven Guys from the well- known fishing port of Oxford like nothing better than travelling the country and beyond! singing traditional and not so traditional sea shanties.

They have been performing a-capella harmonies for the delictation of audiences for 16 years (and some ask us back!) We will sing to anyone, anywhere and at any time, Corporate events, Christenings, Weddings, Military and Charity events as well as Women’s Institutes are among our regular gigs. Over the years we have lost some of the crew overboard, but a strong press gang approach has kept the crew up to strength. We have chosen the crew wisely to such an extent that one has a boat and another has a telescope, we have our very own wordsmith who writes new shanties and sings them to his chickens. If they like them (average egg output goes up) then he teaches them to us. We also have a top Tenor who likes nothing better than ‘swingin the lead’. He also enjoys the odd weekend clearing derelict canals. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear these unique voices as they perform around the town, just be careful not to drop your hat, or they will start singing at you.

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