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Stuns’ls - or Stud Snails as people of faint hearing call us - is our group name, picked from a sailing term we found in one of our earliest songs called “Old Maui”. Stunls (Stud Sails) are the square sails used on a full rigged tall ship during light winds. We are definitely a light hearted bunch. Gathered together with an interest of singing in pubs for a chance of winning a free pint or pasty.

Most of us are Cornish Pilot Gig Rowers, who aspired to learn the songs, sung in pubs after the races. With a varied back ground, from choir singers to those with a faint memory of singing primary school carols, we had a lot to learn at the beginning and not just the songs. We have overcome various elements of public singing, and must be doing ok with invitations to sing at weddings, fetes and festivals.

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Group Sponsors & Supporters