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Wellington Wailers

The Wellington Wailers started life in The Sussex Yacht club, Shoreham by sea in 2012. A small group of like minded seadogs decided to resurrect the singing of traditional sea shanties. Since then our ships company has expanded. When fully manned, we can muster fifteen men.

We re-located to “The Duke of Wellington” pub, hence our choice of name. The move was agreed unanimously, once the crew learnt that we were to get free beer, for entertaining the locals. For the most part we stick to singing crowd pleasing, shanties, with emphasis on close harmony, but we also inject one or two more humorous songs, of a more piratical slant.

We have performed locally at countless gigs, festivals, and charitable events, not forgetting our roots, where we still entertain, at “The Sussex Yacht club”. The Wailers made their appearance at the “Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival”, for the first time in 2014, absolutely loved it and vowed to return.

Sure enough 2015 we were back again. This time during one of our street performances we were honoured to be filmed by the BBC for “Songs of Praise”. What was particularly surprising was, at the time, we were singing “You can’t be a pirate with all of your parts”. In spite of the media attention, fame has not gone to the Wailers heads and any fortune is quite swiftly drunk.

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