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20 years of musical strolling on the seven seas and in many ports of the world, from Lorient (port of registry) to New York, from Paimpol to Liverpool or from Hoorn to Douarnenez Four crew men used to big stages, cabarets, pubs and villages parties, their humour, enthusiasm, energy, voices and instruments attack you like in a high gale.

Four voices tuned to offer you a cappella traditional or contemporary shanties, in French, English, Breton and American. Four voices in harmony with the accordion, the bouzouki and the guitar to make you dance and sing but also to move you to tears. 4 CDs to take with you, to brighten up your path with some sea spray! 20 years of meetings and exchanges with the audience and also with the best talents of the sea shanty world.

This will be the seventh year that Nordet have performed at the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival.

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Group Sponsors & Supporters